The Command Seal Tree

0 - Command Seals Tree


The Command Seal Tree, featuring all the Command Seals in the Lesser Grail War. It is unknown what the top five seals are for, but the other seven sets are reserved for each particular Master to control a specific Servant. The Seals are said to change in pattern should a Master form a contract with another Servant.


[Original Fanfiction] Fate: Rewind

Our first collaboration work. Based off the Fate series, with the HolyGrail War idea. This is largely original, but makes some references to Fate/Zero, including some ways we interpreted or develop certain parts. Here’s a rough summary of it:

Emiya Norikata has just died. With this sudden development, the Mages’ Association decides to gamble on something that may grant them infinite magic power. Chosen as participants – or more accurately sacrifices – for this purpose, 8 young gifted mages now have to make enemies of their own dearest friends in the Lesser Grail War. But in the end, only one person can emerge victorious with his life intact.

For 8 childhood friends, what will they choose when faced with the dilemma of killing those  very people to survive?


We’re a trio who relish making Visual Novels and Light Novels. If you don’t know what they are, just treat them as regular online stories when we post them here. We’re nowhere near professional; we only upload these works to share with others. Hopefully someday we will get better at this though.

Our works are largely original, but the first work we’ve done together (and by extension will be posting here) is something of a fan fiction. It’ll still be largely original though, so do give us a chance.

Thanks for reading this post! We’ve kept it short so we can move on to the actual writing, which will be up by… Say… Tomorrow? Well, look forward to it!


-The Avifauna Team